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Part of MN SFS's Mission is to bring the latest information on NASA and other space faring nations of the world's science and technologies to Twin Cities Schools. We have both up to date and old classic programs in various media. Children love space and space ships often fascinate them. It is a sure fire method to help teach Math and Science as the Challenger Center, Space Camp and other facilities show. Hollywood uses space themes in their movies for a good reason, it interests people to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in box office reciepts. We can use it to help catch kids interest in Math and Science as well. One of our most effective programs to teach basics of physics is called "Toys in Space". Our speakers bring in a video tape of a parallel Shuttle mission and a full set of toys for the kids to experiment with. We frequently work with M2S3F, the Minneapolis Museum of Space Science and Science Fiction for larger events. We will soon be hosting their virtual Museum. We also have many slide programs available both with speakers and audio tapes if no speakers are available.

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